Why I Started My Travel Blog and Why I love Traveling the World

I started traveling a lot a few years ago. I fell in love with being able to see the world and everyone in it with an objective, yet adventurous outlook. It was natural to start journaling every day just to keep on top of the people I met, the food I ate, and the sites I explored.

I knew that blogging about travel was especially popular, and, of course, it still is. I met a fellow traveler who told me that he benefitted a lot from keeping his travel blog. I thought about it for a bit, but since I preferred writing my experiences down on paper, I did not make any serious effort to start keeping an online blog.

Then, I started exploring travel blog communities during my brief returns home. Besides being ideal for finding out more travel tips and hints, it turns out blogging is great for making friends. It can also be an excellent way to help fellow travelers.

I love traveling the world because of how much closer it makes me feel to other people. I believe I have become a more understanding person because I’ve learned so much about what ties us all together on this planet as a family of human beings.

With that inspiration, I realized I had to start my blog. I wanted to be a voice for creating a greater sense of peace on the planet. Besides this, I knew I could offer my experience to other people online.

Some bloggers find that it can be hard to update their blog every day. I don’t! I have so much information and inspiration to share with you. I hope that you get a lot out of the time we spend together here.

I love connecting with other people who share similar interests and my love of travel. I mean, that’s why I started this blog! Let me know what resonates with you and get in touch!

Come Travel With Me!